3DC™ Consulting

3DC Consulting is our supply chain consulting firm that utilizes cutting edge analytics and design systems to create strategic solutions for your supply chain operations.  Our proprietary systems have been designed to:

  • Develop the least cost fulfillment strategy for your distribution center.
  • Allow the strategy to define the systems, tactics and equipment required to support and implement the solution.

We systematically apply simulation, expert systems and combinatorial analysis to evaluate all possible combinations of design sceanrios unique and specific to your set of business criteria.  Our systems have been designed to eliminate the risk of the unknown, and more importantly, to create the the total lowest cost solution.  We create client-specific solutions that align strategy with policy, systems and assets that will maximize your market competitiveness and increase profitability.

"Eliminate Risk ~Subjectivity ~ Bias"

Contact us today to learn what a 3DC operating strategy can do for your supply chain and profitability.

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